Union of National African Paediatric Societies and Associations (UNAPSA)

Vaccinology Workshop for Paediatricians

  • Union of National African Paediatric Societies and Associations (UNAPSA)
Date: Mar 2018 Client: UNAPSA Launch Project

Abuja, Nigeria (March 3.2018) – UNAPSA, the Facilitator of Vaccinology Workshop, has launched a website, www.unapsavaccinology.com a site aimed at giving an Overview of Immunization Workshop held a month in advance.

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of Speakers at the event and Highlights of the Agenda. The site will be of tremendous value to Medical Practitioners, Doctors and Professors.

“This is a cutting edge internet site being introduced on a social and user friendly medium.”

The UNAPSA was founded in 1979 as a Union of African Paediatricians and is represented by their National Societies and Association. Its primary objective is encouraging co-operation among National Paediatric Associations, and is made up of 34 member African countries

UNAPSA, as the facilitator of the vaccinology workshop, launched this initiative to engage the medical practitioners in an educational program and has numerous programs aligned with this objective. The website can be viewed at www.unapsavaccinology.com and contains additional information.

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